Friday, October 30, 2009

How to Fix the iPhone Autocorrect

What is the most frustrating thing about the iPhone?? By far, it's the Autocorrect feature where the iPhone decides to step in and say "I'm smarter than you, this must be what you were trying to type."

Everytime I type "me" the iPhone Autocorrects to "mr."
Everytime I type "so" the iPhone Autocorrects to "SP."
One time I typed "check" and the iPhone Autocorrected to "Checkov."

So I did a little research and here is how you "program" the iPhone Autocorrect feature:

1) Open up a New Window from within Safari
2) In the Google search box, start typing the words that the iPhone Autocorrect has a tendency to mistakenly autocorrect.
3) When the iPhone attempts to Autocorrect you, tap the little "x" in their suggestion box

For some reason, this is the only way to currently overwrite the iPhone’s Autocorrect dictionary. Hopefully, Apple will recognize this problem and create a simpler solution (a way to access the dictionary, a way to overwrite the dictionary from other programs/apps/etc, or an App to overwrite the dictionary).

It frustrates mr SP much that there is no other way to Checkov the dictionary. So, until then...this will have to do.


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richardlai said...

I tried this but it only worked for a very short period, plus some words seem to be unfixable. Too bad...

Jerry Aulenbach said...

It seems as though your keyboard may be set to a different language.

dms said...

OK, I've been through the "mr" "me" battle for quite awhile. Typing it into the Google search box does not really work. The solution I've found - although unfortunately somewhat temporary - is to start a new email and type in "me" and hitting the "x" when it suggests "mr". I did this a few times on a few different new emails and eventually it works.

The keyboard language or whether or not you have someone in your contacts DOES NOT matter. You just have to "teach" the autocorrect to use "me".

That said, after a few months, the problem was back again. So I went through the process again. Until Apple fixes this, this is the best way to solve any autocorrect problems. Although seemingly not permanently...

CXC said...

likewise didn't work for me. neither have other suggestions.

iPhone insists on correcting the regular old word "do" to the esoteric "d'O" where did that come from?

and since i'm often typing to people what they should "do" i'm having to constantly und'O autocorrect.

is there and app for THAT?

Roshan said...

Guys I found the solution. Get a full-qwerty BlackBerry and voila, no more autocorrect issues ;-)

Seriously though, the iphone's a toy.

Makkal Sakti said...

I found it.

Start a new email and type in "me" and hit the "x" when it suggests anything else for a total of 20 times. the 21st time, you will see it stop suggesting the wrong option.

Dan said...

I also talk about "me" a great deal, and dislike accidentally referring to myself in the 3rd person as "mr."

Ive found the problem may lie in where you place your finger on the e... ie, if its on the e, but somewhat closer to the r, it autocorrects to 'mr.' but if you hit the e closer to the 'w' side, there is never an autocorrect.

Might just mean improving your typing dexterity?

Joe said...

you really need to check out the website that has to do with the autocorrect problem.

There are thousands of screen shots from people's phones that show the absolute absurdity of the autocorrect feature. Some of the words are not even close to the word that they were trying to type.

My guess is that Apple is well aware of the problem, but any publicity is good publicity.

Samantha said...

You can reset your keyboard's settings by going to settings-->general-->keyboard- ->reset-->reset keyboard dictionary.
I just figured this out. My phone was adding a an up cursor (^) to the words do and no for some reason. Hope this helps!

Cindy Leventhal said...

Thanks Jennifer. The wonderful support staff at Apple wanted to charge me $30 to tell me that. And this is THEIR software issue. They told me that I must type a's more than I type the word as and that it was remembering my most frequently typed word.... uh, yeah, I absolutely type a's way more than the word as.

Thanks, it worked!!

Gail ~ Mother, Wife, Daughter said...

Perfect! I now can type as without a correction of A's!!

Gail ~ Mother, Wife, Daughter said...

Actually as a PS, it did not work in the google section. I was having trouble when I sent texts so I did it there about 5 times in a row and it was fixed!

Brentley said...

This worked great for me. I wish this wasn't such an issue.

Becky said...

So glad I found this. My iphone recently started changing the word "in" to "I'n" - infuriating! I didn't realize how often I used the word "in" until now!

Samantha's suggestion worked for me except she has the steps slightly wrong. Go to:
settings-->general-->reset-->reset keyboard dictionary.

(She had "keyboard" as the 3rd step).

Thank you all!!

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