Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stop Complaining About the Price of Gas

One of the worst things a businessperson can do is complain about the price of gas. I have lost track of the amount of businesspeople who have complained to me about "wasted gas" when they should have been complaining about wasted time. Just the other day, I had a financial advisor complain to me that he drove 30 minutes each way to meet with a potential client only to find out that the potential client was gone for the day. Rather than complaining about his wasted time, he chose to complain about the money spent on wasted gas.

When complaining about wasting 60 minutes worth of gas, you are reducing the value your time, both perceived and real. By placing the emphasis on the $14-16 worth of gas ($9-12 after taxes), you are essentially saying "my time is worth less than $14-16 per hour." If that is truly the case, then you should not be in should go get a job where you can earn more than $14-16 per hour.

As a businessperson, your time is worth AT LEAST $50 per hour...depending on your profession, your time could be worth as much as $500 per hour. Stop complaining about gas and focus your energy on conserving your time...figure out how to become more efficient in day-to-day tasks, determine what items you can delegate to a staff member, or cut loose some of your unprofitable clients.

But whatever you do, do not devalue your worth by complaining about wasted gas when you should be complaining about wasted time!


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