Monday, June 22, 2009

Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness

On Monday, 6/1 my book about effective tax planning for the small business owner & self-employed individual was released (see below for more info). While the book is focused mostly on offering tax planning tips and tax savings strategies to those who currently participate in active tax planning, I started thinking more and more about how to educate people of the benefits of implementing a tax plan.

In my opinion, everyone who owns a business or who is self-employed (gets paid via a 1099, has a "DBA," etc.) should be consulting with a CPA in order to put together a tax plan around the middle of each year. The simple action of deciding to start implementing a tax plan is the most important part of the great as my strategies are, they mean nothing to the businness owner who does not actually implement them through a tax plan.

Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness is available in bookstores nationwide for $24.95 plus shipping & handling. However, if you click on the link below, you can purchase your copy for $19.95 plus FREE shipping & handling:

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